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Сайт содержит лишь справочные данные из открытых источников. Мы НЕ Рекламируем и НЕ Рекомендуем покупать или использовать ВСЕ упомянутые на сайте программы, оборудование и технологии

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Ads on the site


On our site you can: 

publish free of charge the articles on a site

  • Free publication of your articles of not advertising character;
  • Free description of electronic document management systems, enterprise management systems, information security systems
  • Free placement of reviews of the free programs, programs and operating systems with the open code.
  • Free placement of descriptions of inventions, patents and new technologies.
  • Free placement of methodical manuals for school students, students, teachers, programmers, IT specialists and engineers.

publish on the website your ads - banners and articles  



  • Placement of reviews of the customer;
  • Preparation and the publication of reviews on subject of the customer with placement.



the sizes and place - according to the request


Target indexes:

Attendance of a portal, viewings in a month:  40 thousand +

twitter audience: 7.000 +

The exchange of links / links / articles with subject sites is possible.

Managers of sections and authors of placed articles are obliged to observe copyright.


Please, ask questions here: Этот e-mail адрес защищен от спам-ботов, для его просмотра у Вас должен быть включен Javascript (It is desirable to send a material in Russian, if necessary the translation into Russian is possible)


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0 # Georgina 30.06.2015 08:52
Баннеры очень даже доступны, как не странно ))

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